About MPTagger
MPTagger is a fast, effective, highly recommended mpeg (*.mp#) tagger for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. MPTagger supports ID3 v1.x and id3v2. MPTagger is freeware, so please feel free to download MPTagger at any time.

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NEW! MPTagger 1.60 R E L E A S E D


With MPTagger you can:

  • mass-generate id3-tags for mp3-files based on filename, location and data from the major database
  • merge information into already existing tags
  • copy & paste id3-tags
  • massrename mp3-files based on their id3-tags composed with your spesific format
  • quickly remove already existing id3-tags

  N E W  F E A T U R E S  I N  M P T A G G E R  1 . 60
  • Program now supports image-frames in tags
  • Creates fake CDDB discID, no need for the original CD to get album track information
  • Copy and paste id3-tags functions
  • Detail-view in the Explorer-like filemanager showing id3-tag for all files simultaneously
  • A wildcard tag for use when specifying formats
  • Automatic save id3-tag function (you no longer have to press the "Save ID3-tag" button)
  • Unlimited Undo function when working inside MPTagger
  • Program now shows a progressbar while executing long-term commands
  • New shortcut-keys for most commands inside MPTagger
  • AutoComplete with list of the recent typed formats
  • Program now supports VBR (variable bitrate) files
  • Now with Internet Proxy-support

NEW! MPTagger version U P D A T E D
New MPTagger Version
I'm always looking to improve MPTagger according to my users needs, so please feel free to send suggestions to new features for MPTagger.

The new version will include features like:

  • Toolbar
  • Ctrl+S will save the current tag (optional AutoSave)
  • Copy & Paste ID3 tags from Windows Explorer shell will be working properly
  • Added convert upper to lower case letter when renaming (for linux compability)
  • Manually disable the different shell extensions
  • Choose order of columns
  • Rename files and directories inside MPTagger


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